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 Amelia Stamps is a designated Kentucky Crafted Artist who has owned and operated Stamps Pottery for over 10 years. She has won numerous professional awards such as the Kentucky Arts Council's Emerging Artist grant.  Her work is exhibited in art galleries nationwide and published in Lark Books 500 Pitchers, Plates and Platters.  Amelia creates elegant handmade tableware that has a contemporary flare with a nod to the past.  The curvilinear forms are derived from countless alterations made once the pieces are removed from the wheel. Stamps’ detailed slip decoration patterning is reminiscent of Depression ware glass and delicate embroidery. The subtle green, white and blue tinted glazes have the effect and depth of soda-fired surfaces, yet the layered glazes are fired in oxidation. If you are interested in purchasing please stop in at her studio or at one of the fine craft shows she attends throughout the year. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sponsored in part by Kentucky Arts Council Artist Fellowship Grant